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Palmer Legal, is a boutique law firm based in NSW, Australia specializing in all things associated with Estate Planning, Wills, Estate Administration, Estate Litigation and Family Provision Claim. We also provide services in property, such as conveyancing and family law matters. With over 20 years of experience we can provide effective legal representation. LEARN MORE

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At Palmer Legal we offer will makers, executors, beneficiaries and family members many services in the areas of Estate Planning, Estate Administration

and Estate Litigation, as well as property services including conveyancing and Family Law.

Wills &

Estate Planning

At Palmer Legal we can help you put in place effective plans for your estate.


Buying and selling property

At Palmer Legal we can help you sell your home and buy your new home seamlessly. With fixed price conveyancing you are in safe hands.


Probate & Administration

Estate litigation

When a loved one dies, Palmer Legal can help you obtain Grants of Probate and administer the Estate.  We are here to help at every step. CONTACT US

Sometimes there are challenges to Wills or claims on a estate for a variety of reasons. Palmer Legal can guide you through the legal process, whether you act for the estate or are claimant on the estate.  CONTACT US

Commercial and Retail Leasing

There are several but important differences in commercial and retail leases. Do not get caught out and not having the correct protection, whether as a tenant or landlord.


Other Property Transactions

We can help you with a number of different property transactions including:

  • Subdivision and boundary realignments

  • Property development contracts

  • Easements and covenants

  • Strata title matters

  • Title transfers and conveyancing for deceased estates


Family Law Property Settlements

Family separation can be difficult but at Palmer Legal we can help you navigate the Family Law act and get obtain a just and fair split of the marital assets


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