Buying your new home?  Selling your current home?  Buying and selling an investment?


At Palmer Legal we make the process as easy as possible to ensure the transaction is completed in an efficient and as stressfree at possible.


We can assist you in selling all kinds of properties, such as Strata Title, Company Title, Torrens Titile, rural holdings and commercial premises.


For our conveyancing clients we offer a competitive fixed rate that covers the following services:



For a sale

  • Preparation of Contract for Sale, including obtaining all necessary documents

  • Negoitations with perspective purchasers

  • Attending to exchange of Contract for Sale

  • Organising discharge of mortgage and attending to all their requirements

  • Drafting replies to Requisitions

  • Obtaining necessary certificates, such as s109 Certificate

  • Reviewing settlement figures, preparing cheque directions

  • Attending settlement


For a purchase

  • Review of Contract of Sale, provision of advice and negoiating changes (if necessary)

  • Organising pre-purchase inspections ie pest and building inspection; strata inspection report

  • Attending to organise exchange of Contracts

  • Conducting necessary searches on the property, issuing requisitions and preparing documents, such as Transfer

  • Liaising with mortgagee and complying with their requirements

  • Attending to payment of Stamp Duty

  • Preparing documents and figures for settlement

  • Attending to settlement 

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