At Palmer Legal we provide our clients with a range of legal services including:







Buying your new home? Selling your current home? Buying and selling an investment?  


At Palmer Legal we make the process as easy as possible to ensure the transaction is completed in an efficient and as stressfree at possible. Read more...


Do you realise that without a will the courts will decide how your estate is distributed and who will be named guardian of your children.


A Will gives you the peace of mind that in the event of something happening to you that your loved ones would not need the added stress of sorting out your estate.


With more people moving into apartments or buying apartments as investments, strata law will begin to affect more and more people.


At Palmer Legal we are familar with the how strata law can affect you and your investment and we strive to obtain a cost and time efficient outcome.

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A professional person owes a duty of care to their clients or patients. 


If that duty is breached and such breaches cause damage then that client or patient may be successful in a negligence claim. Read more...

Palmer Legal can provide expert family law advice and solid representation in all types of family law. 


Some of the ways in which we can help are:


  • Separation and Divorce

  • Dispute resolution


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Finding out what happened and why is of paramount importance to the families and loved ones

of a deceased person. That is why having the appropriate legal representation at a Coronial Inquest is very important. Having the right lawyer ensures that as many of your questions are asked,

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When people do not pay their bills on time pressure can be put on cash flow, budgeting and ultimately your business? Read more...